So…You Want To Live In The Adirondacks?

living in the adirondacks

When You Want To Live In The Adirondacks 101!

Whether you’re making a move toward owning your own little piece of paradise, or are just in the planning stages, moving to the Adirondacks is a bucket list item for a lot of folks. Our beautiful region has been a draw for people from all walks of life since the early 1800’s.

Our brokers and agents at Gallo Realty have been leaders in the Southern Adirondack real estate market for decades. We live, work, recreate, and raise our kids here. We are passionate about helping new homeowners and prospective business owners learn as much about living here as possible. We have a good idea of what you should know when you want to live in the Adirondacks!

There are a lot of reasons why moving to the Adirondacks  appeals to people from all walks and stages of life:

  • They want to move out of the busy city
  • They’re looking for a better “Quality of Life”
  • Want to enroll their kids in a smaller school
  • They have vacationed here with their family since they were kids, love the area, and have dreamed of living here
  • They are retiring

Give us a call at (518) 494-4600 when you are ready to make a change. We know the region and the people intimately and can help you make the very best choice in a home, property or business.


Explore your surroundings 

Brant, Loon & Schroon Lake all have Public and/or State Boat Launches so enjoy the water all year long! Boating, fishing, skiing, kayaking, and swimming are all perfect summer lake activities, or go tubing down the rivers, mountain biking in Brant Lake or hike the Chester Challenge…. but don’t think the winter months slow us down!  We have a beautifully groomed snowmobile system that connects us to the Schroon Lake Trails and beyond, the lakes are prime for cross country skiing and ice fishing, there are many cross country skiing trail systems throughout the area and Dynamite Hill in Chestertown offers a free rope tow for downhill skiing (perfect place for the young ones to learn!), a sledding hill, skating rink and a warm-up hut for the whole family! Bicycling, hiking, and horseback riding are right out your back door so get outside and enjoy!

Be ready for the weather

The weather in the Adirondack Mountains is famous for constantly changing – it’s part of what makes living here so amazing! That being said, it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected, especially during the winter months when snowfall and ice storms in this region can be extreme. An alternate source of heat like a generator or a propane fireplace is always a good idea, and there are also local companies & individuals who will act as caretakers for your home 24/7, checking on it during power outages, etc.


Getting connected online

Living in a rural area may pose some challenges to the uninitiated. In the Adirondack Mountain region, internet service can be spotty in some locations. The more isolated your location, the less chance of super-fast internet, although there are options through local cable companies that can help with your connection. If the cable is unavailable, satellite may be your best or only option. Your Gallo agent will make sure you are aware of the type of internet services available in the homes you’re interested in before you buy!


Meet the neighbors

…and don’t expect them to necessarily be other people! Whether you are graced by beautiful deer roaming through your yard, wild turkeys, squirrels, birds of all types (even eagles!), raccoons, or a host of other wildlife, Mother Nature is likely to come calling.

“More than 90% of all wildlife species found in the northeastern United States now call this forest home.  Among them are many that had once nearly or completely disappeared, including moose, marten fisher, beaver, peregrine falcon, and bald eagle.  And perhaps the cougar too.”

       ~Bill Weber, forward to the Adirondack Atlas by Jerry Jenkins


Near everywhere you want to be

The Southern Adirondack region is also the best of both worlds when it comes to getting out and about:

    • Lake Placid: 1.25 hours
    • Albany: 1.5 hours
    • New York City: 3.5 hours
    • Boston: 3.5 hours
    • Montreal: 2.5 hours

If you want to experience Adirondack living, check out our Adirondack rental properties. Many of our summer rental customers have come back year after year before finally moving to the Adirondacks permanantly!